Amsterdam Day One & Two

I returned to Amsterdam two years later and am still in love with the city. I went for four days again and wanted to share another diary of what I got up to and what to do while your there.

~ Day One ~

So we flew early in the morning and landed around 9am but we weren’t able to check in until 3pm. We dropped our bags off and started to plan what we wanted to do. There was a tourist shop next to us so we decided to pop in there and book a couple of attractions. We booked Ripley’s Believe it Or Not for the day and decided to have a wonder round the canals and shops round us – we stayed on Dam Square.

When we got checked into our hotel, we basically crashed out for a couple hours as we had been up since 3-4am and had been walking around for most of the day. After we got freshened up and just went for some food and a drink and decided to head back and plan for the days ahead.


~ Day Two ~

We got up fairly early and went and booked any remaining attractions for the rest of the week. We booked a canal cruise, Heineken Experience and the Moco Museum.

So for breakfast, we had pancakes and I honestly miss these already. We went to MOAK Pancakes and was just full of chocolaty goodness. Also by the time we left breakfast, it started to rain to only continue throughout the rest of the week. Defiantly not prepared for the weather as all we packed was shorts and dresses.

Our first stop of the day was visiting the Maritime Museum. We initially thought this was going to be a place of history of Amsterdam but it was just a couple of things found on the big ship outside and how the conditions were while travelling on said ship located outside. Nevertheless, it was a good time passer before our next attraction but also interesting to look around the ship.

Afterwards, we went to the Heineken Experience. I had already been there before but I was open to do it again as it was their first time visiting Amsterdam and didn’t want to be restricted on things just because I done them before. It was still a good experience but some things had changed over the last two years while your looking around.

After, we chilled for a bit before heading towards the Moco Mueum. I was annoyed I didn’t do this last time I came because  the pictures looked really cool inside. It was a good museum but the room in which I wanted to see, we think was closed off and under construction – the Lichtenstein room where it looks 2D and colourful. We still managed to get a couple good photos in there.



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