The Guide to Budapest

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Budapest is one of the cheapest places to visit if you want a budget holiday for a couple days. It is one of the places where you can walk to different attractions even though the transport takes you less than two minutes as well. So, if your looking for a cheap getaway and have both the city and the relaxation, get yourself to Budapest.

How To Get There:

From Bristol our flight was around 2 and a half hours give or take and we flew with Ryanair. Initially the idea of flying with them put us all off but at the end of the day it was the cheapest way to get there around the dates we wanted – despite being the last flight of the day and delaying an hour. I have done a budgeting holiday post >>here<< where I spoke about my cheap holidays for the year and how I plan mine with budgeting and accommodation.

When you get off the plane, there is a booth for taxis and it is one of the better places to get to your hotel/apartment as they go direct, their cheap and is easier than having to figure out your train or tram stop especially with luggage.

How Much Money To Take:

For 5 days and nights I took around 86,000 HUF (which is equivalent to £254.12 at the time of purchasing).

Each day we all took around 18,000- 21,000 to last the day and a bit of the night – this includes transport, food and any activities that we done in the day. Depending on what your fancying throughout the day, a full breakfast (or near enough) is around 2,900, whole pizza can be 1,800 and drinks such as bottled water can be 290-450 HUF. For transport, we got single tickets each time for the tram and underground which was 350HUF which is equivalent to £1.

Things To Do:

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Szechenyi Thermal Spa –

I think everyone has seen the photos of the yellow buildng and you’ll find it here! This spa is one of the best days out you’ll find in Buda. The whole day you are relaxing in the sun and even though youll be hot from tanning, there still is something nice about geting in the pools even though it is 36 degrees. Indoors you will find over 10 thermal pools and a couple freezing ones. A great day out but also be prepared to lie down on the floor as it gets busy fast and  not enough beds! One thing to recommend is the lockers as it makes carrying your bags so much easier but not essential.

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Museum of Sweets and Selfies

The most instagrammable place to visit as all the rooms are fun and so colourful to easily brighten up your feed! The place seems quite big on Instagram but it was sort of small but still worth a couple of funny pics with your friends.

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360 Bar –

Besides from waiting in the queue for about a half hour, the views and atmosphere was so worth it. We got there around 9 pm when the sun was setting and found that the views were so good and also made it feel so much better as the skies were turning pink and purple. They do cocktails and food and tbh this would be a great place to come on a date or date night.


Citadella / Libery Statue –

This overlooks both sides of Buda and Pest and it is one of them places that looks so good that photos don’t do it justice. You can get a bus to basically the bottom of the hill and you would only have to walk up the hill for less than ten minutes to see the views and a couple of shops for water and ice cream. You also get to see the Liberty Statue who can be seen throughout the city.

Where To Stay :

We stayed in an Airbnb and was more less in the middle of everything – one or two roads near the House of Terror and on the doorstep to trams. For the three of us for 5 nights was around £60/£70 each. We looked at many Airbnb’s and we found the prices were near enough the same so I would deffo look at Airbnb’s before hotels but I’m sure the hotels wouldn’t be that expensive either.

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