Amsterdam Day Three & Four

If we haven’t already seen my previous post about my first two days in Amsterdam, you can check it out >>here<<.

~ Day Three ~

So we woke up and had breakfast a couple of doors down from us and had a fry up which was lushhh. After that we went on our boat cruise. Admitidly, we thought we were gunna be late to it but there are always people that arrive when the boat is meant to be leaving. We went on a ‘Lovers Cruise’ which is the same one that I done when I was last here. Again it was really good and fun and lovely to have the wind going through you.

Next, we went and got tattoos! AH! Ok so when we both met up at Love Saves we both drunk-ishly agreed to get them when we go away and we both have been wanting new ones for a while anyway. When we first landed in Dam, we did discuss it again and started to look at artists and then have the balls to message them. We walked in to the place we wanted to go to yesterday and had an appointment for literlly the next day. So that was my little backstory even though it didnt really need one!

So, yes, the tattoos. We visited White Whale Amsterdam and it was one of the best artists we could find locally and also had fine detail and lines that we were after. I was thinking about this the whole of the canal trip and got myself worked up as usual like I dooo. But yeah for both of us to get tattooed was just over an hour I believe and would recommend the place!

IMG_0638So, this is a pic of my tattoo a couple of hours after. I know people dont have to explain why they got what they did but im keeping it for memories. This is a ‘J’ in my nans writing as her names Jean. I’ve had this idea for a while and it just so happens that a couple days before she gives me something with her ‘J’ on. Needless to say my mum and dad were shocked I got one on holiday and I think my nan likes it !? Its on my right ankle as picture and I still debate that it looks more like a ‘g’ but the meaning is still there.

Afterwards, we went to BodyWorlds and had a look at all our insides and how things work n all that jazz. Still laughing at the penis’ mind!

Next we went over the canal behind the train station to visit This Is Holland. Honestly would recommend it as its so cool how you get to explore the whole country. Without giving spoilers, its an interactive attraction that takes you through the country while also give you a 4D experience- wish that part was longer though! We then booked A’Dam lookout which was next door before having a bite to eat at The Butcher – also next door.

A’Dam lookout is a place where it would be so cute to go on a date with and also spend the night there. They give you two free drinks and can even have the opportunity to get food too. You are 16 stories up and get to overlook the top of Amsterdam and see everything! At the top there is also the opportunity to swing off the roof. Hmmm no thankyouuuuu.


~ Day Four ~

FINALLY onto day four. Today was Jacks birthday and we started off by having birthday pancakes at PANCAKES near the train station which wasn’t as good as MOAK I will say myself but still enjoyable! We then went and played crazy golf at GlowGolf which was so cool even though sometimes it got weird and trippy! Nevertheless I still get competitive with winning and trying to get a hole in one!

Afterwards we headed to the Sex Museum to see the giant penis and take photos of boobies on the wall! Today kind of worked out ok as It started to rain all day heavily which is good if your visiting loads of museums but walking everywhere is horrible! Once that was finished we went back to the hotel to freshen up before heading to Anne Frank.

Visiting Anne Frank was honestly the highlight of the trip. Unfortunately, you weren’t aloud to take photos or videos going round otherwise I would have took loads to show but it was so amazing too see. Without giving anything away again, you basically walk through the house she lived in during the war and most of the things are still preserved how they were left and the whole experience just leaves you amazed. This is probably one of the things I really took an interest in out of any museums I have been to. I would recommend going at one of the earlier slots of the day as we went midday and your basically in a snake of the whole building waiting for others to read and move onto the next thing.

Finally, we ended our experience with a pizza, a glass of wine, packing our suitcase for the early flight in the morning and going out spending our last euros on more wine and playing cards!



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