Let’s Catch Up! – April & May..

I feel like I go through fazes of having a blogging spell, planning ideas and taking the time to sit down and write them but I haven’t really been having the motivation or inspiration to do so for the past couple months. I think of ideas then I’m like ‘hmm I don’t think this could work’ or ‘hmm this is great’ but when I go to write it out, nothing comes out. Hopefully I will try and be back on track with summer around the corner but we never know.

Starting off, I thought I would give a run down of the past two months, similar to my last post, of all the main things that have happened aside from mainly working and basically doing nothing else with my life 🙂

~ April ~

Food & Drink…

I spent most of the month, and any other month really, enjoying food and cocktails with friends and family. Also heading into town for a couple nights out and mainly going on small date night meals with a glass of wine and some churros!

Ollie’s Birthday…

His birthday is the end of April and I had planned some things to do regarding his actual birthday and a little trip with his friends too. We went for a meal at Mugshot Resturants in town followed by some cocktails as per! The day after we went fown town all of us to celebrate it even though we didn’t get let in the first place we wanted lol. Finally, a couple days later, I surprised him with Locked in a Room for all 9 of us as a bit of a laugh and something different to do. Annoyingly, his team escaped with 8 seconds remaining – still haunts me to this day!


Love Saves The Day…

This year a bunch of us went to LSTD and was surprisingly great with the weather! It was a really good and fun day out and defiantly be going again. We only went for the Saturday and we saw Lily Allen perform and although I didn’t know much of her songs, she was pretty good!


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