A Month in Photos – March



We start the month with Pancake Day! We decided to make our own & I tried to make them thick like American ones as well as draining them in chocolate. Goosey also had small bites of pancake too!


PUB GOLF! We never done it before and we decided to do it for Jess & Paige’s birthday on the evening. Although it was heavily raining, it was a funny night and also a great and new way to get really drunk come our next nights out in town.



I went down to the gate as there was an extra ticket going and for me its a little day/night out as I probably go and watch them once a year. We lost of course.


Nan and I went and saw Annie at the Hippodrome as I bought her tickets for Xmas last year. We both have loved watching the film when I was younger and thought it would be a nice present that we see it in theatre together.


I met Jess in London for the day and we spent the day looking at the attractions like most tourists do! We stopped in Camden to get a pizza, had a look at some shops and ended by looking round China town. Not the mention the cocktails as well!


Instead of going out on actual Mothers Day which would be mad expensive, we decided to go for some cocktails in the day. We spent most of our time in Slug & Lettuce before heading to Loose Canon and back to our local pub.








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