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How To : Chicken Pasta Bake

I have been making this recently and i am OBSESSED as it is the perfect sauce to go with a pasta bake instead of it being thick or runny and besides, its syn free too!! (another slimming post wahoo!). It has been a ‘go to’ dish which is also a quick 15 minute meal and in the recipe I made this for 3 as i was having one the next day for lunch and so was mum.


You will need – 

2 Chicken breasts

300g Penne pasta (I used the remains of what was already in the 500g bag and also added some fusilli too to use that up)

Garlic Frylight

Carton of Passata

Sprinkle of Garlic Salt

Big Squeeze of Tomato puree


Half of the Paprika seasoning pot from JD Seasonings (it looks similar to the Bolognese one, which I thought it was, but I added it because it made the dish spicier.)

Grated Cheese (optional)

Method – 

  1. Cook pasta according to the packaging – mine was 11 minutes
  2. Within the time for the pasta to cook, spray a frying pan with the fry light and cut up the chicken breasts into bite size pieces before adding to the heated pan
  3. Once both are cooked, drain the pasta and place back into the original pan used with the water in and put the frying pan with chicken on a low heat.
  4. Put the pasta on a low/medium heat and add the rest of the ingredients until you get the desired taste. I also stirred a lot so that the sauce would be thicker instead of runny from the passata
  5. Add in the chicken pieces until it is all combined and grate some cheese into the mix to get a stringy effect
  6. Enjoy !




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