Why I Can’t Wait For Spring

Although I am more of a Autumn / Winter gal, there is something nice about waiting for spring to come. If you are also waiting for spring I have complied a list of things which will make you more excited and also look forward beyond that to summer. The days getting longer. No more waking… Continue reading Why I Can’t Wait For Spring


What I Got For Christmas 2020

Albeit Christmas was a little different this year but nevertheless there’s always that excitement when the present opening begins. I love to see people’s reactions to the presents I have bought them or any gifts for that matter, and just the excitement that feels the room in the morning. So while all the excitement has… Continue reading What I Got For Christmas 2020


20 Things to do in December

Amidst another lockdown throughout November, its time to start thinking about another positive right around the corner - Christmas!! Times like these might be getting hard with still not being able to see your close loved ones, but there's still some things I would wanna share with all to get that December spirit thriving and… Continue reading 20 Things to do in December