Easter Weekend 2018

It feels almost weird to not write about an Easter holiday as we have had one for the last five or so years but this year we didn’t. I booked it off work in advance (or so i thought) but mum just didn’t get the time to even book something or even have the inspiration to find somewhere different to go. Don’t get me wrong, we would have still done the same traditions here as we would have away but it just felt weird to be home and we didn’t like it as much aha!

So I got told by my manager in February I think that she didn’t have it booked off for me  as holiday in which coincidently Mum hadn’t booked anything. So with me working the weekend, I thought I would work Good Friday and Easter Sunday just to get some extra money as we didn’t have any day trips planned or whatever :(. Other than that my weekend was pretty simple – I went down town for a friends birthday on the Friday night and then stayed in on the Saturday night. Wild times.

On Easter Monday, as a family we went to a local visiting Circus (Jay Miller’s Circus) on the common and it was My Mum’s and I’s first ever circus that we have been too! Bare in mind this show didn’t have any animals in it which would have made it more entertaining but it was still a good show and something different to do!

IMG_5208IMG_5216IMG_5231We also carried on the Easter Egg hunt tradition in the house even though I knew where everything was as we did it later in the day. Snippets of the little eggs just poking their heads round the bread bin or even on the door frame. Needless to say I won again and no cheating was involved.. really.



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