Our Staycation to Torquay

YAY to finally travelling again! At the start of June we went away to Torquay for 4 nights and it was so nice to get away again! We went down on the Wednesday afternoon to our Airbnb, done a little shop before wandering round the Marina to see what was there. Our first night, we… Continue reading Our Staycation to Torquay


Valentines Date Night Ideas To Do in Lockdown

This post is dedicated for all you lovers out there. Doesn’t matter if you spending the day with someone or doing it virtually this year, I have found ways you can celebrate it together as we all can’t be going for a meal or drinks as usually planned. This post is also dedicated to the… Continue reading Valentines Date Night Ideas To Do in Lockdown


Self Care Sunday : Taking Some ‘Me’ Time

This month has defiantly brought me more mood swings than ever and I know how confusing and frustrating the current news is. With that being said, I still forget to take proper ‘me’ time where I’m off my phone and focusing on myself and just RELAXING. Forgetting about what’s going on with the outside world… Continue reading Self Care Sunday : Taking Some ‘Me’ Time


20 Things to do in December

Amidst another lockdown throughout November, its time to start thinking about another positive right around the corner - Christmas!! Times like these might be getting hard with still not being able to see your close loved ones, but there's still some things I would wanna share with all to get that December spirit thriving and… Continue reading 20 Things to do in December