My 23rd Birthday Celebrations

My 23rd birthday has been and gone and god did we do a lot more than expected!! As my birthday was mid week this year I decided to spread it across two weekends to make the most of it and also in between work. On the Friday before (5th), me and the girls headed to Cardiff for the night. When I say it was one of the funniest nights we’ve all had in a while, it was.

We got ready in our hotel and our first stop was Dirty Martini next door where we had a few cocktails. The girls felt it hit them more than me as they thought they were strong but it hit me at our next destination of Slug and Lettuce. For the evening, we decided to walk up that strip of bars and see where we ended up. After Slug, we then made our way to Revolution for a couple cocktails and some shots before heading to Popworld after. After a little boogy we went back to the hotel to change into some trainers as heels were killing the girls before going back out to another clubby/ bar down the road by Las Iguanas. By this time we were pushing the 3am mark and none of us were tired and we just wanted to carry on staying out!! The night came to an end and we went back to the hotel with our food and the night wouldn’t be complete by one of us spilling their £8 kebab all over the hotel floor!! In the morning, we went for a little breakfast in Pizza Express before doing a small shop and heading home on the train.

The Tuesday night, I booked to go to San Carlo with the girls as I wanted all of the girls to get together and do something and plus we never go out for food and drinks rarely. We all enjoyed pizza and pasta while having some wine and it was really cute. Plus I knew everyone had work the next day so it wouldn’t be a late one anyway.

The next day, my birthday!! I got up and opened my presents which was mainly baking stuff which I loved. We all went to breakfast by a place near us Mokka, and we were all a little disappointed. For a Wednesday you expect it to be not busy but it was packed. Most of our food was slightly warm and out of 6 eggs, one of them had a slight runniness to them for being poached eggs. Nevertheless, I would go back there as it is nice place to eat and drink but was a bit disappointing on the one off. Afterwards, we came back and had some cake before heading back out for some bowling. I came 2nd! On the evening, we went to Pasture which is our favourite steak place and mum and dad seemed to enjoy it too. After our food, we walked to the centre and had a few drinks along Kings Street in town before getting an Uber back home.

On the Friday I got told I was going to Bingo Lingo. I was excited but also nervous and I didn’t know what to expect with it as I’ve never been. As we were walking up to the queue, I was surprised and greeted with some familiar faces and realised that our group was turning up to play too!! I was shocked to see them there! As we were playing the game we tried to keep it a secret how many we had left as it you had a line or full house you were up on stage and none of us wanted to do that! But as the night went on we all loved it, started dancing every second and had a really great time – even if it was an expensive night! The end the night we had a few drinks in spoons and walked to Park Street to carry on drinking and have a boogy. Overall it was a lush evening with everyone! And overall again, not expecting to do this much for my birthday but loved it!!

Cardiff outfit – PLT

Birthday Outfit; Top – PLT, Leathers – Primark

Bingo outfit – Zara

Cake – @bakesbychloe on Insta


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