The Annual Pumpkin Picking

This year I made two trips to pumpkin patches – one with the girls and one with mum.

On my first trip we went on a Sunday and turned out to be a lovely hot day! We walked around our local patch and had a little photo shoot as always before trying to find our perfect pumpkins. We all wanted little baby ones as they were the cutest but we’re quite hard to find! In the end my eye spotted a few good ones and we ended up having a wheelbarrow full!

The girls were also on the look out for white ones too but we’re nowhere to be found or likely to be stood on. Afterwards we grabbed a hot chocolate before heading back home.

On my second trip with mum we had a little outing to Farringtons (plus I seen everyone go on my insta last year!). It was a little drive but cute location to go. I found our perfect pumpkin within two minutes of walking into the field which was probably someone else’s anyway!

They had a witches tree which sold hot chocolate and marshmallows to roast which was cute. As we had a wander round we found loads of huge pumpkins which no one had taken but there was so many to choose from!! As well there we’re soooo many white ones in all different sizes! We then had our little photo shoot and it also started to rain really bad so we tried to make the best of it!

Afterwards we also walked around their farm shop and tried some cheese before grabbing a quick hot chocolate and pumpkin shortbread before heading home!

On actual Halloween we decided to carve our pumpkins and put our little tea light in them too!


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