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Reasons To Start a Blog In The Winter

Even though we are basically at the start of winter, I still think starting your blog in winter is the way to go. I think its best to start fresh with all the exciting things you have planned for the rest of the year and also start thinking about all the possible plans for the next. That way come this time next year, a year would have passed & you can have a visual diary to look back on all the things you have done throughout the year.

One of the reasons I started my blog was because I had holidays planned across the first six months of the year. Although they were just your average holidays, I still wanted a place to talk about what I done and also share photos. That way I wouldn’t take up the majority of my camera roll with similar images. As well, its nice to have a 10 minute read about your previous holiday where you go into details on the little snippets. It’s something to look back on and the main reason I done it was to document my memories. Nearly 3 years down the line and I am still documenting my holidays and little life and will love to carry on doing so.

As well as it being the near end of October, winter has so much potential for blog ideas and content. Albeit Halloween is brewing but you still have the many other blog posts from your favourite bloggers about the run up to Halloween and Christmas with food, drink and festivities gives you so much inspiration for the coming year. You can talk about :

  • Christmas leftovers – what to do with all the scraps/chocolates/turkey
  • How to celebrate New Year
  • Money saving tips for the next Christmas
  • Winter fashion – how to style jumpers/coats, loungewear hauls
  • Xmas tree picking
  • Memories surrounding Christmas/NY
  • Has it snowed? Write about it!

Lets not forget Halloween too with :

  • Scary/ cute Halloween costume ideas
  • Fun or gruesome cocktail/food reciepes
  • How to decorate your house for Halloween
  • How to host the ultimate Halloween party
  • Top scary movies for a horror movie night with your friends

And also the combination of both events including additional events to celebrate if you like such as :

Bonfire night – hosting, food recipes, fireworks display in your local area

Hanukkah – hosting, food and drink recipes, how it prepares you to the lead up to Christmas

Baking recipes that you can tweak to all events

Anything children friendly that they can get involved in!

Family traditions you’d like to tell others

Regarding the rest of the year, you’ve already got a head start. After the winter months are up, you have so much potential for the rest of the year too. Suppose you stick to the cliché posts – Valentines, Easter, Summer holidays, Halloween, you’ve put your own twist on it and also depending on how much you want to post, you’ve basically made it through the year already. I find around those certain times, the ideas and posts start coming together and I want to create the content. Whether that is fashion ideas, cooking videos, general things to do around your local area or even just a memory to look back on!

Blogging has become part of my little ~escape~. A place where I could just write and write for hours about a certain place or topic. I think that’s also why I find certain parts of coursework fascinating because I could just keep going and going with my response. But anyway, enough about me. I hope this has given inspiration for someone to start a blog and not just for the winter too.

Jumper – Missguided

Shorts – Newlook



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