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The Weekend in Brighton

Another little vacay! So after getting my 4 1/2 hour train, I arrived to one hot sunny seaside destination. I made it to a friends flat then started to unpack and get ready for the evening.

This evening we went to a place called Shuffle Bar. £6 cocktails and a jukebox playlist sounded really cool. After staying for two hours, We had a few cocktails and a shot before heading to our next destination. We walked to No32 Dukes which was very boujee boujee. We shared a bottle of wine although our time was cut short as one of the girls wasn’t feeling too great. I mean I wouldn’t blame her with those £6 cocktails. Before we left, the bathroom photo shoot was very necessary!

The next day, the weather was even hotter and we wandered through the lanes and grabbed a bite to eat. When I was last in Brighton I mentioned going to Flour Pot Bakery and this time we managed to find a seat outside! We grabbed a sandwich and a nice cold iced coffee before making our way down to the beach (And thus began my new love for iced coffee’s with hazelnut syrup! :)). The beach was heaving as you would expect any other hot sunny weekend! Also not used to sitting on that pebble beach as it can get quite uncomfortable and having to find a way to get into the sea! The sea was so cold but so lovely having that little dip after being all hot all day.

After a couple of hours tanning away, we headed off for some food at Shelter Hall. This place has a cool concept by having a few food options in one bar if you haven’t been there before. Can order picky bits from each place if you really wanted! They had seafood, pizza, chicken, noodles and other bits too! We both opted for the Cipollina pizza and a small glass of rose cider before making our way back home. Come the evening time, we popped on love island on catch-up before having a semi early night. All that sun and tanning!!

The next day was the hottest day yet!! Absolute sweat everywhere! We got the bus by the pier and walked up to rent some bikes. Although the breeze was lovely, it was super hot and know I caught the sun especially on my back. We rode along the beach until we got to the crazy golf to have a game there. We were dying at this point! When the game was finished we then rode along the seafront until we headed to just before the i360 bridge walking along to the beach for some more tanning.

On the evening, my final night, we came back and showered before having some food. I opted for a Smash burger on Deliveroo which was tasty! And because it was hot we were so undecided on going back out for a few drinks! In the end when it started to cool down a bit, we walked to just before the racecourse and sat on the hill. This gave us the view of some of the city and the beach which was really cute – pictures didn’t do it justice as normal. It was also nice as the sun was setting so we tried to get our golden hour pictures. As well, catching up on Love Island was also the one!

In the morning we walked into the town with my little suitcase and had breakfast at Cafe Coho. I opted for the maple and bacon pancakes and Jess had a small type of veggie breakfast. The temperature was defiantly heating up and I was almost dreading to be walking round for hours before my train home! Nevertheless, we walked along to the pier and have a walk to the top and played on a few of the 2p machines. As it was just too hot and muggy, we decided to head along to the waterfront and grab another iced coffee in the shade before we made the journey to the train station. The beach was really nice and quiet, as it was a Monday, and it makes you wish you stayed longer!

I made a little Tiktok from the weekend too >> <<



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