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The Best Steaks in Bristol – Pasture

Now that the hospitality industry is coming back alive, I thought I would share some places in and around Bristol that I love and would recommend for date nights, casual dinners or just because! Today I am recommending Pasture near Temple Meads.

I first went to Pasture for our anniversary in 2020 as we both wanted a new steak place. It has now become our favourite place to eat out, lets just say that. On our first visit, we both had a steak and chips each, then we also got another side each which we would have ended up sharing anyway. Stick to having chips (if you want them of course) and maybe another side to share. We both love the cheesy chips and the salad which can be enough for us but on our first visit, we just knew we overordered and our eyes were bigger than our stomach.

Our second visit in April 2021

Lets talk about the steaks. Beautiful. We sat near the kitchen where we saw the selection of cuts which I personally didn’t like as I don’t like to visually see all of the meat laid out but it was nice to have someone come over and show us the cuts and what we were after. They also have deals where you can get a sharing board with tomatoes and mushrooms too but we don’t really like that. I’m sure on both our visits we both had rumps but I could be mistaken. As I don’t like mine too bloody I asked what would be the best for me and the lady suggested medium as the medium rare was still really bloody. The medium was the perfect amount of blood for me and was more to my liking. However, when we visited this year I asked for the medium again thinking it would be the same, and it was exactly that, a medium steak. I don’t mind it as I still ate it and enjoyed it but it might have been a different cut but I am not sure. I am usually a medium rare kind of gal but if it is that little bit too bloody, then I will just asked for it to be cooked that tad more. As well, they also had a selection of sauces to go with the steaks and I personally love the garlic butter!

Our first visit in 2020

Pricing –

This year I paid just under £67 for two steaks, two sauces, two chips, side salad, 3 drinks and I didn’t think that was bad considering the drinks were two pints and a glass of wine. Last year, I think was around £70+ as we had two drinks each and two sides each along with our steaks and sauces which again I wouldn’t say was too bad as we had a lot of food and two drinks each.

Depending if you like the sharing board, even though i am not certain on what sides you get with it, I am sure it comes to around £65 for just the board then would include drinks and/or extras on top of that too.

Overall rating 9/10. Our definite option for our next date nights and any special birthdays or anniversaries coming up.


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