Our Staycation to Torquay

YAY to finally travelling again! At the start of June we went away to Torquay for 4 nights and it was so nice to get away again! We went down on the Wednesday afternoon to our Airbnb, done a little shop before wandering round the Marina to see what was there.

Our first night, we went to a place called Ollie’s which was such lovely food. We tried to go to Bianco’s as they had a steak deal every Wednesdays but we saved that place for another night. Ollie’s was also the first time we shared a cheeseboard for desert and our love for it has now blossomed and become our new ‘thing’. After the food, we headed down the road to Park Lane which had 241 cocktails – the start of many, before heading back home for some wine.

On our next day, we travelled to Oddicombe beach and sat along the beach for two hours before heading into the high street to find a bakery I saw on Instagram – @bigbakesbakery. Looking out to the beach is where we also found the Cliff Railway (which we had to take) and also a lovely café overlooking the view of the sea. Before heading home we also stopped off and had a quick lunch at Ansteys Cove which we found last minute. Later that evening, we went back to the Marina to have a few more drinks before coming back and having an Indian takeaway!

The following day we decided to head to Brixham as it was not far from Torquay and instead of driving, I found that we could catch a boat there. We hopped on the half hour ride before walking round the town and sitting down for some fish and chips. After, we walked along to the Breakwater Beach and sat around for an hour or so before going for one quick drink before our departure boat arrived.

That evening, we had a table at Bianco’s which was still lovely but we obviously wanted to go for the Wednesday deal! We then headed to Twenty1 where we sat at the top of the bar and overlooked the Marina. We also tried Soho although it was different to what we expected – it was a £10 entry for 2 which we thought happened on the weekends and we tried to get in the day before and there was no bouncers or entry fee as such outside. But anyway, we went in and had a few cocktails. I’d say this place is good but not a must see. The drinks took their time but if we went on a weekday, I’m sure we would have had a better time.


The next day. Our last day. We went to Paignton Beach for the day. Its a lovely beach and town and we went their last year on our Devon holiday too. We spent the day at the beach and was our only day with proper sun and heat rather than humidity and grey clouds!! Nevertheless, we both burnt really badly!! Towards the end of our day we went on the pier and decided to do the 2p machines as normal and just as we we heading off the pier a couple who live in Paignton gave us their winning tickets! Right place right time am I right? We collected our (their) winnings from one of the games and cashed them in for a handful of sweets!

On our last night walking around like two lobsters, we went to Salt & Pepper where we mistook the sign for ‘Award Winning steak’ when it was ‘Torquays Best Steak’. It was a good meal overall but as I had a steak on the first night at Ollie’s, I preferred that meal over this one. After our food, we had a slow walk along the Marina for the last time and took in the sunset before heading back home for some packing and wine and cheese which is our new thing!

On the morning of our departure we stopped off at a spoons for some fuel for the road and got our souvenirs for the fam. Typical the weather starts to be really nice on the days that we are leaving but overall was a lovely little getaway 🙂


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