Why I Can’t Wait For Spring

Although I am more of a Autumn / Winter gal, there is something nice about waiting for spring to come. If you are also waiting for spring I have complied a list of things which will make you more excited and also look forward beyond that to summer.

  • The days getting longer. No more waking up at 7-8am and seeing dark skies. Plus the sun will (hopefully) be out longer in the evenings too.

  • Switching your winter wardrobe to spring and adapting to lighter clothes. No more big jumpers or multiple blankets.

  • As well, wearing sunglasses instead of gloves, scarves and a hat.

  • Doing more with friends and family. I mean COVID dependant obviously, but being able to go on more walks, picnics and any other outdoor activities.

  • The start of the BBQ season. Sitting in your garden and smelling the burger cooking from the street behind you.

  • More colour in the world from the sun to the variety of flowers in the garden or park. Plus the smell of them and freshly cut grass.

  • Having ice cream from a truck/van and sitting near a park or bench and eating it. Even on rainy days ha.

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