Self Care Sunday : Taking Some ‘Me’ Time

This month has defiantly brought me more mood swings than ever and I know how confusing and frustrating the current news is. With that being said, I still forget to take proper ‘me’ time where I’m off my phone and focusing on myself and just RELAXING. Forgetting about what’s going on with the outside world for just a second and trying to get in a positive headspace before starting fresh a new day.

I feel like I’m good on telling other advice but never follow it for my own mental health state. The past few weeks have felt nothing but the same and gloom and eventually you crash and hit breaking point. I wanted to share some tips if you are feeling like you need that self loving or time to yourself to put you in that positive headspace.

Removing Yourself From The Situation

If you feel you have a lot on your plate – work, uni, college related; walk away from your laptop for 5-10 minutes. I often work myself up to breaking point before I think about walking away instead of doing it at the first notice. By walking away, you are in control and can come back to the situation when you feel ready to start again and feel calm enough to do so. Also get off that phone. You don’t want to be scrolling for hours which can only make you feel worse in more ways than one. Trust me I do it all the time and still don’t learn.

Go on a Walk

If the previous point hasn’t made you feel any better, there is nothing better than going for a walk. Clearing the air and focusing on something different is better than having it constantly on your mind. This break might also do you the world of good as you are physically removing yourself from a situation by leaving the house (like previously mentioned in the previous point). Plus the fresh air is lovely and saves you sitting in your room all the time. Pop your headphones in & walk.

Taking a Bath or Shower

I feel most zen taking a bath with my favourite products and trying to relax – and even trying to zone out by falling asleep! Wash your hair, shave your legs, moisture and I guarantee you will feel somewhat better than you did. And I bet if your anything like me and have loads of bath bombs to use, your always looking at an opportunity to use them up. A face mask is always needed in the step too!

Get Your Fave Food

Cook, bake or order your fave food and sit back and enjoy your favourite YouTube or Netflix series. Comfort food is always key and also makes you feel good.

Tidying Your Room

If this task is too much, honestly don’t bother. However, by having a tidy room makes my head feel so much clearer as it’s one less task that will keep itching away at me. Having a clean room makes you feel productive too. And hey, fill it with your fave scents too – spray perfume or lighting a candle.

Writing Down Your Thoughts

Whether it’s stuff to do, goals for the week or even any negative thoughts, write them out. You can visualise it on paper and sometime make you realise it was stored in your head for no reason as it could actually turn out to be nothin – also guilty! This will also help you structure your week or set you up for the following day as it is a fresh start.

Update Your Music Playlist

Listening to one of your playlists can easily boost your mood. Finding new music too is also feels amazing and you can have a little boogy in your room too. WHY NOT?? Guaranteed to make you feel happier and in the mood for parties/clubbing when all this is over.

Remember, not everyday is going to be your best. Sometimes you need days like these to let it all out & that’s ok. It’s also good for a cry if you need it. Taking time for yourself is the best thing you can do to get back on track.



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