What I Got For Christmas 2020

Albeit Christmas was a little different this year but nevertheless there’s always that excitement when the present opening begins. I love to see people’s reactions to the presents I have bought them or any gifts for that matter, and just the excitement that feels the room in the morning.

So while all the excitement has died down for the minute, I wanted to share everything I got for Xmas this year!


  • Small purse with coin holder
  • Pink fluffy gloves
  • Pink bobble hat
  • Pink crossbody bag

(All believed to be from Accessorize)

Clothing – Tops

  • AYBL Motion Seamless Long Sleeve Crop Top in ‘Jet Black’
  • AYBL Core Bra in ‘Jet Black’
  • TALA SkinLuxe Tank Sports Bra
  • Mean Peach bra in ‘Charcoal’

ClothingOther bits

  • Two sets of slippers
  • Variety of socks from New Look
  • Set of pants because you can never have too many!
  • Grey fluffy dressing gown from New Look (not pictured)

    Bath Bits
  • Bath fizzers
  • Bubble bath & Squashies shower gel
  • Nivea face wash
  • A big bar of ‘The Comforter’ from Lush

Face / Skin Care

  • Small toiletries – deodorant, dry shampoo, toothpaste, shower gel & handy sanny
  • Eye mask & a foot mask
  • Micellar water – fully stocked up!
  • Razors


  • The Touch Iron Set from Cloud Nine in John Lewis


  • A pair of high top Converse – I only ever wear white shoes!

Random Bits

  • 2021 Kittens calendar
  • Notepads
  • Yankee Candle in ‘Black Cherry’
  • ‘L’ mug
  • Silver hoop earrings in variety of sizes
  • Jamie Oliver’s cookbook ‘Veg’
  • Gift set from Baylis & Hardin including slippers
  • Grey photo frame
  • Fitbit Inspire – as seen in the shoes picture!
  • Selfie ring light with different settings (not pictured)
  • Tripod for taking my own pics! (Not pictured)

See you in 2021!



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