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Last Minute Gift Idea – Hot Chocolate Treats

Christmas is right around the corner and you might be panicking about what else you can get people in this short amount of time. When I was looking at little gifts to get people I started looking around Etsy for chocolate and sweet gifts. I came across loads of gift sets or bundles for a reasonable price (as well as supporting small and new businesses!). They were all similar to the ones I am showing today but they decorated them as if they were little Santa’s, Elves and/or Rudolph’s by sticking googly eyes and a red pompom on the packaging – super cute!

As well as the idea and the cute packaging, Mum wanted a little gift to give her colleagues from work and I told her to look on Etsy and find similar items to what I saw. In the end, we found some clear decorative paper from the Christmas boxes and decided to use that and essentially make our own! (plus it was also cheaper considering the amount of colleagues she was doing this for!). All we had to do was buy some hot chocolate powder, marshmallows and some chocolate chips to go inside.

So, if you are a crafty kind of person and want to send these little treats for your loved ones, see how we made them!

You will need:

Clear wrapping paper/ Cellophane

Hot chocolate powder


Chocolate chips or chunks

Ribbon or string


  1. You want to start by cutting your paper to however big you want you treats to be. We guessed ours by using a small circle plate as a reference and made 2-3 pieces off one strip.
  2. Next comes the rolling part where you make these squares into cones – easier said then done! If your not the craft kind like myself, its hard to mould the shapes to create the cone. We folded one corner in and from there, rolled the bottom half slowly to form the cone shape. Once in cone form, I folded the bottom bit to stop the powder from falling out and Sellotaped that and some parts of the side.
  3. We then put 2-3 teaspoons of the powder into the cone, added a marshmallow and chocolate chips on top.
  4. Then we tied the top with red ribbon or string and you have your completed hot chocolate cone, treat, thing! – Honestly what do you call them??
  5. Add any additional decorations to it – googly eyes, stickers etc

This cute idea is so perfect as it shows your loved ones you made it with love (with a little frustration!) and I find handmade gifts feel more special. Not just a little Christmas gift idea either. This could be made for birthdays too or even secret Santa’s!

This took us around 3 hours to do with three of us working on different stations but we did make over 50! & Overall each of the treats cost less than 20p each to make. You can make these as cheap or expensive as you like!



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