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It’s That Time of Year Again! | Picking Our Christmas Tree

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! *ding* *dong* *ding* *dong* Yes, it’s the beginning of the Christmas and what to start the festive season with getting the tree!

Dad & I set off on the Saturday morning and done our usual morning trip to get a McDonalds breakfast before getting the tree. As I think everyone else was in the same boat with getting the tree so early this year (I mean, why else not start the Christmas spirit early after the year we have had), it was packed! We normally go on a Saturday anyway but we were queuing from the sides of the road!

Like usual it’s the same process on finding the perfect Christmas tree because I’m too picky on getting the right one! We weren’t long choosing but we got a decent tree in the end. We came back and spent more time choosing the position and placement of the tree in the room that actually deciding on the thing! Once it was in place, the decorations commenced!

In honesty, it’s not my favourite tree we have picked out but I’m so picky it’s unreal! I think I could throw a few more baubles on it but I love how it all looks nice together with the banners. Once the presents are under there too, it will all start to come together and look cute! Also the cats touched it twice, fingers crossed she doesn’t jump in it!

Anyone else excited for Christmas but not really in the festive mood that much? Hm.


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