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We Tried The Festive Sandwiches and This Is What We Thought

When starting to plan my Christmas content for this year, I had a little peak on the Zoella website. Although I don’t follow her content much anymore, I thought I’d look on her Instragram and website for inspiration as she appears to still be all things Christmas (and even Halloween).

So I seen that her and the team rated festive meal deals from different supermarkets and shops. That sounded like such a fun idea to do! This is also my first year not getting a first look on the Tesco Christmas sandwiches when they come into store. PS – Tesco is the elite for the meal deals, don’t @ me! So on a little trip to many supermarkets, here’s what we got & thought of them!

M&S – Turkey Feast £3.30

Roast British turkey breast with pork, sage and onion stuffing, onion mayonnaise, cranberry chutney and smoked British bacon on malted brown bread.

Dad – It’s nice and filling and a little too much cranberry. Stuffing is nice. 8/10

Ollie – Overall like it. Very flavourful. 9/10

Me – Nice and filling. Kinda sweet. Little too much stuffing but still nice. 7/10

Mum – Better than the Tesco one. Succulent, juicy, overall nice sandwich. 9/10

Waitrose – The Festive Chicken Feast £3.30

A sandwich made with chicken breast, turkey stock mayonnaise, pickled onion relish, white cabbage, brussel sprouts, savoy cabbage and onion with rocket in sliced potato and parsnip bread.

Dad – It’s defiantly different, kind of a weird spice in there. Not as nice as the M&S Turkey Feast and not very Christmassy. 6/10

Ollie – Very flavourful but not Christmassy. More Indian inspired. 7/10

Me -Seems like too much packed in there. Has more of a smell too it rather than taste due to the variety in the sandwich. 6.5/10

Mum – Like this one a lot. Can taste everything & its everything you want in a sandwich. 9/10

Tesco – Brie & Cranberry £2.50

Brie full fat soft cheese, cranberry sauce and spinach in malted brown bread.

Dad – Love a bit of Brie but not a lot in there – want thicker slices and there was not enough filling. Sort of Christmassy. 6/10

Ollie – Don’t like Brie in general but overall not that bad. 6/10

Me – Overall nice, not a fan of Brie in general. Had a lot of cranberry. Would be nice if the cheese was melted. 7/10

Mum – Don’t like Brie at all. *spits* Just no. 2/10

Tesco – Turkey & Trimmings £2.75

Turkey breast, mayonnaise, pork sausage, cranberry sauce, sage and onion stuffing, beechwood smoked streaky bacon in malted bread.

Dad – Lovely sausage, tastes like Christmas but it could have more stuffing. Sausage is nice but compared to the M&S one, the stuffing is better on that one.7/10

Ollie- Really nice. 8/10

Me – Nice and meat filled, kinda sweet, tastes like a Christmas dinner. 8/10

Mum – It’s nice with the stuffing. 7/10

Waitrose – Pigs Under Blankets £3.00

A sandwich made with pork sausage, cranberry and redcurrant chutney, smoked bacon and mayonnaise in sliced malted bread

Dad – It’s ok, nothing WOW about it. 7/10

Ollie – It’s nice, like the cranberry. 7/10

Me – Just a sausage sandwich with a hint of sweetness, needs something else like mayo as it could get dry. 8/10

Mum – Nothing exciting, its alright. 7/10


M&S Turkey Feast seems to be the winner out of them all however Mum is deciding to have the Waitrose Chicken Feast for her fave. If we all were out and had to get a sandwich, the M&S one is clearly the winner but I can see the Waitrose Chicken one & the Brie and cranberry also coming a close second too. There all good sandwiches but I’m not running back to get more.



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