20 Things to do in December

Amidst another lockdown throughout November, its time to start thinking about another positive right around the corner – Christmas!! Times like these might be getting hard with still not being able to see your close loved ones, but there’s still some things I would wanna share with all to get that December spirit thriving and make it that something joyous in all the dark times we’ve faced this year.

  1. Start your Christmas shopping if you haven’t already.
  2. Go ham on the decorating!! Nothing better than turning all the festive lights on on a dark gloomy morning.
  3. Read a Christmas book from your favourite author.
  4. Indulge in all the festive bath products from Lush.
  5. Pick out your Christmas tree – get ready for arguments on the lights!
  6. Dedicate cooking or baking one day a week and make something new. I know we want to try and make a yule log this year!
  7. Take a walk no matter the weather.
  8. Host a Christmas themed quiz on Zoom with your nearest & dearest.
  9. Create your Christmas playlist – we know Michael Bublé has been defrosting since September anyway.
  10. Make mulled wine or try hot cider.
  11. Pamper yourself with Christmas nails. I would love a tartan design for mine!
  12. Wrap your presents to your favourite Christmas film.
  13. Wear your best (or tackiest, you decide) Christmas jumper on Christmas Jumper day.
  14. Buy a festive face covering.
  15. Attempt to make and put together a gingerbread house.
  16. Exchange in secret Santa
  17. Try all the festive meal deals – review coming soon!
  18. Celebrate Christmas on an alternate day. Christmas 2.0 or even 3.0 with your friends or support bubbles by watching films, eating and drinking all day and night.
  19. Have a small NYE celebration with sparklers.
  20. Kiss goodbye to 2020 & lets hope the next year brings more positiveness and happiness to all.

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