Honest Review of VIEVE | Jamie Genevieve’s New Makeup Brand

If you don’t already know and love Miss Jamie, first of all where have you been? The Scottish Makeup QWEEN has launched her own makeup brand VIEVE on 8th November and we’ve all be dying to try her products.

I first found Jamie a couple of years ago doing warm tone makeup looks on YouTube and slowly fell in love with her (and Drogba). I then began to watch all her makeup videos and then she started weekly vlogging and I still don’t think I have missed a week since. From the proposal, to the nail videos. The iconic ‘I’m tired’ to the new baby doggo Juno.

For Christmas I was given her lipstick in collaboration with MAC. If you haven’t swatched it, it is a light nude with a satin finish, as we all know she loves a good nude. For me, its creamy and cute but little too pale for my skin. But that’s not stopping me supporting and wanting to buy any of her products. I’m sure if I pair it with a good lip liner, the look will come together.

So at a glance. VIEVE is a new makeup brand which has been ‘inspired by iconic women who embody self-belief, confidence and individuality’ on their website. We are asked to ‘become our own muse’ which I think is amazing given that’s how Jamie’s YT career started. No other canvas than yourself in my opinion and that’s how I have practiced and gained skills doing my own makeup.

The products. This launch is the ‘essential collection’. Does that mean these are her go-to’s at the minute? Will there be some sort of glam collection? Either way, I am excited for another collection already. She has one eyeshadow palette, three highlighters, five matte lipsticks, 5 lip definers and two clear makeup bags in two sizes. This whole collection is very Jamie-esque with the lip products matching her signature look with a darker lipliner and a lighter lipstick. The eyeshadow palette creates your everyday makeup look bringing you simmers, warm tones and a black for all the definition. Did I mention this brand is 100% Vegan and Cruelty free?

My review on the products :

I purchased the Modern Lip Definer in ‘Velvet Sands’, the matte lipstick in ‘Comin in haute’ and the Nova Glow highlighter in ‘Holy Chic’. At a glance these are what I thought would suit me best by looking on the website and colour matching.

The highlighter, as also explained in Jamie’s many recent videos, is slightly peachier than the lightest highlighter shade and is more of a gold. I thought this would be nicer on my skin but I should have gone for the lighter shade – I’ll just buy more (hehe). The shade itself is beautiful & they don’t feel chalky at all on the skin. Overall 8/10.

Lip liners are products that I don’t tend to usually grab for but I probably should for my little lips. I bought this to try and over line my lips and make it all blend into the lipsticks too. It feels so creamy on and so easy to blend if you want it all over your lips. Overall rating 8/10

Finally the lipstick. It’s the same as the lip liners really – so creamy and buttery on the lips. The smell *omg*. They almost have the same sweet smell as the Mac lipsticks which make me want to buy more! The colour is really nice but I can see myself needing a colour slightly darker or browner rather than some pinky undertones. Overall I’d rate it 9.5/10.

Let’s talk packaging!! I mean, does it even need a comment? Very bougie and Tom Ford style (I believe – I’ve never bought luxury makeup bits before!). I like how it does give off that expensive vibe because I know Jamie herself lives for luxury items so why not make it your own style! I also love the lipstick compartment as it’s magnetic! It’s the little details for me really.

Overall the products are amazing. Lovely packaging, beautiful colours and very inclusive. I’d deffo buy more VIEVE in the future plus they make lovely presents for people especially now Christmas is right around the corner!


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