How I Spent my 22nd Birthday | Lockdown 2.0

As a surprise lockdown came our way at the start of November, my plans were poured right down the drain as was everyone else’s in the first lockdown. Honestly, I didn’t see it coming BUT it is what it is at the end of the day. The girls and I were meant to be going out on the Saturday daytime for a bottomless brunch before heading to get a few cocktails after & on my actual birthday, the fam and I were going out for a steak and shopping the next day at Bicester Village. Roll onto next year for big plans I suppose!

So anyway, as things were a little different this year, we all had the day off and tried to make the most of the day that we could. I had a little photoshoot with my balloons (+the cat) before having a late brunch with the family with some prosecco and orange juice!

After the food we decided to go for a little walk as the sun came out. Didn’t want to waste the nice weather by staying indoors so we went on a little half hour walk around our area.

When we came back, I had a few people drop off some presents at the door. I also opened Mum & Dad’s presents too. By the time everything was done, it was near tea time. I wanted to have a nice Italian but five of our local ones were only open Wednesday – Saturday!! I had no plan b! We eventually found somewhere and drove to pick it up and came home to watch bake off.

Of course, there was also cake! I had a vanilla cake with porn star martinis on top! It was sooo cool to see and were still trying to eat the rest of it now! Honestly, this girl is where were getting all our birthday cakes from in the future – @bakesbychloe on Instagram!

On the Saturday we all had a lie in and went for a small walk. Later on in the evening Mum organised a little cocktail session which mainly consisted of me making all the cocktails for everyone! I tried to make homemade pornstar’s but just chucked any liquid into the mix – vodka, prosecco, you name it. We also had some edible pink glitter which made the cocktails look really cool!

When our first cocktail was made, I got presented with a homemade quiz by Ollie. A ‘Who Wants To Be a Milionaire’ style one. I won £1,000,000 but haven’t actually received the money yet…

Finally we ended the night with a buffet style Chinese takeaway. Mum found these Chinese lanterns, chopsticks and bowls from work which were really cute and thoughtful. We bought a large amount of Chinese – chow mein, curry, crispy beef, duck and one of our locals does a salt and chilli box containing chips, ribs, chicken balls which was amazing! Before eating we decided to play a game where you all take a shot and one of them is filled with vodka and the rest are filled with water. The aim of the game is to not act like you were given the said vodka and guess who had it. In the end Dad was the one to have three vodkas!! Bed by 9pm xx

Overall a nice little lockdown birthday. Not what we planned but it was nice to all be together and still do things such as order takeaways and make cocktails. Hopefully this lockdown wont be until the end of the year (fingers crossed) and we can all go out for a little cocktail or bottomless brunch like planned or better so, able to go out for food and drinks just in time for Christmas!


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