HAPPY HALLOWEEN – We went pumpkin picking!!

Its Halloween! I’m not a majorly halloween fan if I’m honest but everyone is pumpkin picking at the minute, so why not join in and have the experience too! I’m sure if i had a Halloween in America it would change my mind a bit as yknow, they go all out on décor, costumes and all that jazz! Think it also doesn’t help that my road and surrounding streets are not like they used to be with trick or treating for the kids – no one really does it anymore or comes round. Also while were here, does anyone actually like pumpkin r just do it for the fun of it ?!?!

Back to the pumpkin picking. This would have been my second time pumpkin picking + I’ve brought my mum along with me too as she’s also never been! We booked this last minute (ish) and decided to go lunch time and of course in half term week – not the brightest idea, BUT it was fine and so much more space and to do than last years! She loved it and seemed very happy with her pumpkin purchase even if the grounds were super muddy and almost slipped over a few times! Honestly would have loved to see it..

We spent about an hour or so there finding one medium one and a baby one as well as a little photoshoot happening. It was a good ‘lunch break’ activity and would do it again next year and even go on the evening. They had food and drink stalls and some mini games, and from what I have seen on Instagram from people who went on the evenings, there was some sort of fire display and people walking round with costumes! All there’s left to do now is carve the pumpkins tonight (which will be a challenge) and sit them outside.

It’s cute if mum wants to go again so we can start a new tradition 🙂 I have the Christmas tree picking with dad & now the pumpkin picking with mum. Also don’t get me started on Christmas, I am very much excite.


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