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How To Host The Perfect Wine and Cheese Night

“Such a different Saturday night!”

After seeing a post on Instagram about a cheese and wine night, it got me intrigued into planning one soon. Although I have more recently began to love cheese (and on everything I may add), I only eat your average cheddar and some occasion halloumi. As well, I’m more of a rose gal and would say no to a glass of red!

Mum went out and chose a range of cheese’s from M&S as I made a list of the variety we could try. We had stilton, spicy cheddar, camembert, edam, smoked cheddar and red Leicester alongside a variety of hams and crackers and of course some pate. We also paired the boards with chilli jam, real ale chutney and pickle as well as grapes and some apple slices.

All you need to set this up is a group of people, a couple bottles of wine, 3-4 different cheese’s (dependant on the party size) and see where the night takes you! I wish we had different wines to pair with the cheese to get the experience but then again, were not in Italy! Perfect evening idea for the girlies or even a date night instead of splashing loads on going out!

We all loved doing something different with our Saturday night instead of staying in and getting our usual Indian takeaway. Now we just need to get ideas for our next one – I’m thinking some sort of a Mexican night!


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