A Few Days in Prague – Birthday Surprise!!

One of the main presents that I had was a trip to Prague! Trip being two days after my birthday though! So on the Tuesday, we caught our flight to Prague, along with some horrible turbulence on the way, and headed out on the evening for a bit of food and some drinks.

The next day we headed into the main area to find Charles Bridge but found another bridge instead! We wandered round the streets until we came to finding the actual Charles Bridge and also seeing the Dancing House along the way. Next, we basically walked round the majority of the city to see places to eat, places to come on an evening and also see where most of the attractions are for the next day or so. We ended up walking round the Old Jewish Quarter and seeing different coloured houses and all of the expensive shops! Nearby, we also tried to find the spot where there was bullet holes in a church that happened during the war. It was interesting to see but was also quite hard to find.

Afterwards we headed to the Old Town Square to see the church and the famous Clock! There were loads of tourists taking photos of the clock and we decided to go into the church and climb to the top. We got a view of most of the city and took some good pics while up there as well as a couple selfies.

For lunch, we stopped off at a place which looked like an old school diner/canteen (I didn’t choose this place to eat!) Although I thought the idea of it seemed weird and it was weird inside, the food wasn’t that bad. Even though you got to places to experience the different food and drinks, it didn’t look that appetizing for me!

After we ate, there was a market just outside and we had a wander through there to pick up any souvenirs. There was also a candy shop next to it which I thought was amazing but turns out it was part of a chain and could get one basically on every corner of Prague. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our sweets walking round and also in bed.

One our first proper evening we went for pizza near the clock and had a wander around the area again.

The next day, we decided to go to Prague Castle and walk across the Charles Bridge. Although the sun was right in our faces, we did try and get some pictures across before it got too busy. There was also a band playing as we were going past too!

When we got to the other side of the River, we stopped off in McDonalds for a bit of breakfast before heading to the Castle. It was a trek even going up the hill to get to the castle anyway.  We had a look round the castle and in different parts they had little museums of what happens in each building. We also walked round the main church and saw loads of pretty stained glass that looked really nice as the sun was shining through. Afterwards, we stopped off at the side of the castle where they had a bar/restaurant and had a quick drink. This was also one of the better views of the city, same as it was with Budapest, that you could see most of the city from the bar and we even got to sit outside with blankets.

After the Castle, we headed to John Lennon’s wall. his was one of the most colourful attractions I’ve ever seen and since going to Liverpool the month before, we had a rough idea why it was dedicated to him in Prague and also had a little knowledge on who he was too. There was so many quotes or song lyrics dedicated to him which was really cool.

Finally, before heading back, we stopped off at Charles Bridge again to see what the attraction was like on the evening with all the lights lit up. We also discovered that they had a lookout place which we decided to do last minute. Although the clock view was great, we wish we spent our money on this one before as you overlooked the river and was a prettier sight even though we got to see it in the darkness.

Later that evening we got to eat our final meal with a burger and couple of drinks to round off the holiday. In the morning, we headed as close as we could to get the nearest transport back to the airport. We used up the remaining money together and had a decent breakfast before heading into a communism museum which was an actual suggestion by me for once. We spent a good couple of hours there reading about the war and how it was affected in Prague and was really interesting and something I would recommend doing!

Although the trip was short and sweet, it can defiantly be done in the two days we had, although if you want more of a piss up and stretch out the attractions, three night would be perfect enough.


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