My 21st Birthday Weekend – 2019

Although i am late to the party by uploading this, i have wanted somewhere to document my 21st birthday as we had the best time celebrating filled with loads of memories, laughs and back when things were ‘normal’! So…

Last year my birthday plans fell perfectly on a weekend which means I had something constant going on which was great. I wish I could relive this as it was sooo much fun with everyone !! Mum organised everything with everyone and I found out each thing on the evening before or the day of so I literally knew nothing what was going on. 🙂

Friday ~

So I finished work at 1pm and went out for a coffee and cake with Jess. Later on that day, we headed to The Ivy for a family meal. We headed out for drinks beforehand with a couple of cocktails. Mum and I had steaks and some wine while Dad and Ollie tried venison which wasn’t really for us!

Saturday ~

I found out the night before that I was doing a cocktail masterclass class! I didn’t want to find out who was coming I wanted it a surprise but when cocktails are involved I had a little incline who would be coming.

We arrived at Slug and Lettuce and we all had a little glass of prosecco before waiting to go to the class. We made a pornstar martini and a mojito each and I got an extra two from the person helping us make them! He also gave us a treat of jagerbombs (which I really didn’t enjoy) but I got to tip them over as he made them into a line for them to fall into. My nan, our jean, came to the masterclass with us and downed the shot before anyone of us !! We took some photos, ate some food and then headed home even though we were all a little tired and a bit drunk without even realising it.

After coming home, I had a little lie down before my evening down town! Spruce up the makeup, get changed and wait for everyone to get to mine for pre’s before heading to town again! Photoshoot commence…

Sunday ~

Today was my actual birthday !! We got greeted by mum in bed coming in and shouting happy birthday on the time I was born before coming down for a little bit of breakfast with mum and dad. I came downstairs and opened my presents – I got some money, a fluffy bag and a holiday to Prague within the next two days !!!!!!!!!!!

Later on in the day, we went out for an even bigger family meal in which all my cousins were coming to and we all went for a roast. We all ate cake too which was massive and in the design of a Gucci bag.


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