Liverpool : Mini Break Away

In September this year, we both headed to Liverpool for a little get away for 4 nights. We decided to go via the train as it gave us the cheapest deal and was also a bit of fun instead of driving up!

We headed up on Wednesday morning and with the train being around 4 hours we unpacked our stuff and headed out to explore the last bit of the afternoon and evening. We also stayed at The Nadler and was one of the best hotels in the area that we wanted and also as a good price! Behind us was a spoons (massive yay) as well as a club and on the same strip was a square of different bars and behind us again was a strip of different foods.

On our first big day, we booked Anfield Stadium Tour. Now, I’m not a massive football fan but once your in a city or place, you gotta do it because you never know when you’ll be returning lol. Afterwards, we had a wonder round the city looking at the Beatles statue and having lunch at Archies.

In the evening, we went to Albert Schenke, which was a german place (i think), and we had some wine and sauages and chips which were waaayy to filling but ate them anyway! Afterwards, we headed to Junkyard Golf and it was one of the best things to do ever!! Wish we had one in Bristol!! It was a glow mini golf place that does such good cocktails and funky ones too. We had two rounds in there before heading to the Cavern Club for a drink and to see who was playing there.

The next day we went for a late breakfast at The Brunch Club which was such a cute place behind where we stayed. This day we didnt have anything planned but headed towards the Beatles story.  We didn’t originally want to look at Beatles things as were both not fans of them/ didn’t really take an interest but we ended up going to the museum as there wasn’t much left to do.

In the evening we went for a steak across the road from Albert Schenke before heading out for more drinks! We went to the same places behind our hotels for drinks before spending the rest of our night at the same club again for me to get drunk this time!! The club near us offered double vodkas for £3 so would be rude not too!

Before we headed back to the club we stopped at NQ64 which was a last minute find!! Its a retro gaming place which also does cocktails. The place was sooo cool as you had a selected amount of tokens to place the games such as old Fifa, Mario kart and the dance mat.

On our last day, we wandered round Liverpool One for shopping even though it was pouring with rain!! We walked round most of the shops but didn’t really find anything to buy. So we headed to an Irish bar near the Cavern Club and watched some football. Afterwards we headed back to our hotel to collect our suitcases via stopping for the best Mexican on the food strip before scoffing it down to catch our home train in time!!

The train back felt sooo long and there wasn’t any places to charge our phones for the first hour and half train. But nevertheless the time there was amazing and will defiantly be returning for a night out there again!



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