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How To : Breakfast Bake

Y’know when you have those mornings where you don’t know what to make and also last you for a couple hours? SAME.

Back last year when I was on Slimming World, I was googling recipes to try out instead of having cereal or toast all the time it came up with the breakfast bake. It has now become one of my fave dishes and can be made to be as filling as you want and put together in less than 10 minutes. Ooooh, it is also just a little three step method so this can literally be done so quickly too.

The Main Ingredients





Other Additional Ingredients






#1 – Cook any meat until it is browned and set aside.

#2 – Place the bake in any order you preferred (even though it will probably be mixed all together once its cooked anyway). My order starting from the bottom was beans, bacon, cheese, beans, egg, cheese then sausage. This would also be the time to add in any other ingredients you like such as mushrooms to make it more filling for you. 

#3- Place in the oven for 13 minutes on 200oc – this might vary from oven to oven as I like to have a runny egg but hard to keep track by looking through the glass.

#4 – Voila!



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