3 Ways To Unwind After a Long Day

Whether you’ve had a stressful day at work, an argument with someone close or just one of those ‘I don’t know why I’m sad but I’m feeling really down’ days – and yes, we all get them, then hopefully these remedies might work for you. They are not so much remedies, more ‘ME’ time and the things you forget to do most days that probably can take the ease and stress away from yourself within minutes.

~ Having a Bath ~


This can be so mundane but can literally be the best thing you do all day !! Fill a warm bath with loads of bubbles, your fave candles and zone out. Close your eyes for a half hour and just relax and let the world go by. And hey, why not even have a cheeky glass of wine!? Make this time, even though it might be tempting to do so, a no phone zone. I never take my phone in the bath with me as I just like to sit there in my own comfort.

~ Taking Care Of Yourself ~


This kinda falls under the previous one by running yourself a bath, but having the time to do the little things such as shaving your legs, moisturize, putting a face mask on can really make the difference. I know that when I’m relaxing and have my face mask on, I just know I’m 1. gunna have good skin after and 2. I feel so much better for doing so as its more of a luxury if you will, even though a face mask can be as cheap as £2.

~ Clear Any Negativity ~

Going on my phone can sometimes be one of the things that make me depressed as I’m always on it and scrolling through the same things. Mixing it up by watching your favourite film or TV show might just be the way to zone out from the world. Even much so as watching a good sad film just to let the tears out makes me feel so much better. Alternatively, read a book. Picking up a book and sitting in silence sounds like one of the nicest things to do as it calms you especially if you have had constant noise all day. It might even be so good to send you to sleep which is where I love to go when I’ve had a bad day.



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