Our 5 Year Anniversary

AH! We have been together for 5 years so that means we got together when we were around 14/15 and its so weird yet amazing how much you both can go through and change, in a good way, as you get older and deeper into your relationship. From school, college and even now with work its amazing how much you can do and grow with each other in one of the big parts of your life. Yes, we have had our few ups and downs along the journey but as does any couple!?


This post is more of a memory to look back on as well as a small dedication to you. (Yes you, because I know you read almost every one of my posts lmao). For putting up with my little tantrums. For making me laugh over the stupidest things we do together. For becoming my little photographer. For generally putting up with me tbh but finally… for being you. Loves ya x



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