5 Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

Love love loveeeeee. Valentine’s Day is coming around soon and even though places and companies bump up the price for just the one day I thought I would bring everyone some budget friendly ideas to do on the day without spending too much money.

Cooking A Homemade Meal

One of my favourite things to do is cook so why not bring that into the day. It can be from anything as basic as spag bol if that’s what you or you other half want. It will be cheaper than going out anyway plus you can get the comfort through your own home by wearing your pjs at the dinner table.

Alternatively, you can get meal deals / offers at places such as Tesco or M&S where you can select your main, sides and a desert for something like £10 which again, isn’t going to break the bank.

Maximum Cost – £10 for both the meal deals or getting some ingredients to make yourself.

Have A Chill Night 

Getting your fave food in and watching Netflix or a range of DVD’s is probably one of the best ways to spend the day/night in my opinion – especially if you prefer to spend it alone, with your other half or even with your girlfriends. You can have a selection of loads of food and just pig out for the day.

Maximum Cost – £5-10 on your own or £20 if ya want a takeaway to share with others.



Instead of going out to a restaurant where the prices might be extortionate, try going to the cinema. I know I know I just mentioned having a chill night BUT it gets you out the house and its something different to do instead of getting food. Plus, it might be empty too.

Maximum Cost – £15 for two ~ snacks and all that jazz..

Homemade Treats

If Valentines isn’t your thing or you want to make a simple gesture to someone, then making treats for whoever can be a nice personal touch to the day. Making brownies and cutting them into heart shapes and decorating them can be a thoughtful gift – if there not already gone before you give them out!

Maximum Cost – £5 (eg. boxed brownie mix & some ingredients if you haven’t already)

Spending It At A Different Time 

Whether you are busy or would rather wait until the ‘offers’ have gone can be a good idea if your not keen on the actual day as you can decide to celebrate it at a different time but still showing the other person your thinking of them. Another idea might be to go out for a Valentines breakfast, brunch or lunch. The prices might be cheaper as more people tend to celebrate it within the evening after work.

Maximum Cost – £30.



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