Resolutions For The Year 2019

Another year has past and onto the next. Some of my ‘goals’, if you will, didn’t exactly get completed BUT new year, new me and all that so we will try and stick with these this year. I pray that I stick to these as these are things that I feel could help me in the future. Here.. we … goooo..


 ~ Lose Weight ~

Ugh. Look at her being a stereotypical bitch over here. YES I KNOW. Last year I started Slimming World and for the first 5 months it was something I didn’t look back on and I continued to do and love. One snack turned into two etc etc.. This year I really wanna look after myself and become a healthier self. I need to increase the intake of water, fruit & veg and start a bit of exercise. If I can slowly start to increase things into my diet and day to day life then hopefully I can continue the process for the year instead of completely cut out things like chocolate full stop. On the plus side, I’m trying to do Dry Jan so hopefully it might help with the weight loss a bit more too. My goal is just to be a skinner self and be able to look and feel nice in a bikini and fit into a nice dress on my 21st.


~ Get a Job ~

Every time someone asks me about getting a full time job I feel uncomfortable and brush off the conversation but then again I do need to start looking. I told myself that last year I would never work a Christmas again and there I was working every day in December last year. I know I cant stay in retail my whole life, and believe me I don’t want to, but I should really be a normal 20 year old and get a proper job with a proper income.


~ Get Better At Budgeting/ Saving Money ~

This year I want to be more ‘care free’ with my money as when we were in Edinburgh it was more ‘ill buy lunch, you’ll get tea’ sort of thing and more spurge of the moment buying rather than well I only have £5 cash etc… So this year I want to try and be more like that. Wanna go cinema? Cool, ill take out £10. Wanna go on holiday? Ok, ill pay what I can and make up the ‘loss’ next month by doing overtime. I have savings but to me it is a separate account and I act like it doesn’t exist. Make of that what you will but I wanna maintain it as much as possible but hopefully by the end of the year I can say I only dipped into it when I had to or if I even needed too.

IMG_5412 (1)

~ Travel More ~

Last year was a good year for going on little trips and I love doing little 4 day holidays and I wanna incorporate that more this year when I can. I’d love to do more travelling around Europe for now and slowly build up more money to travel further but again as we all say, its down to the money side unfortunately. Hopefully the lil getaway to Budapest happens 🙂




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