2018 has been one of the best years travel wise but other than that not a lot has happened or changed in my life which kinda makes it a downfall – for me anyway!

January —–

So I started off the year feeling really shit about myself and like the saying goes ‘New Year New Me’ I thought I would change that by joining Slimming World. Yes it starts to take over your life abit more than you would imagine but if you want to look the best and feel the best then you have to make those sacrifices and not eat chocolate every night and/or snacking throughout the day. But along with everything else that I set my mind too, it slowly faded away – I lost the interest. One biscuit became two and so on and so fourth. I wanted to loose a good amount of weight before our girls holiday in Zante but that didn’t really happen. And even now I’m finding it hard to resist temptation of the sweet treats but I’m still trying to cut down as much crap as possible without going by ‘certain rules’. Will I give it another go? Maybe, but I know the basic guidelines to these diets and all the main things I need to do next year is eat more fruit n bit more of salads rather than chips, and the big one… exercise!

February —–

In the middle of the month was our 4 year anniversary and we spent it by going to Bude for the weekend which I wrote a little trip post about >> here <<. Because the date is so close to Valentines too, we celebrate them together as a joint but mainly towards our anniversary date. Well, I like to think we do anyway…


March —–

Not a lot happened in March- it was a friends birthday so we obviously celebrated that but other than that I went to Cardiff to see Nial Horan for the night with Mum. We were also going to see Jason Derulo the next day but he cancelled his tour date and moved it to September this year. Ooooo. The snow. We had the snow equivalent of a heat wave for a about a week and I went sledging along with every other person in the area on a hill where many accidents happened of people falling over.


April —–

Ok so Paris. This was the first holiday of the year that I was absolutely buzzing for. A couple days away in the city of love… with one of my besties. We went to Disneyland, up the Eiffel Tower, had my first croque monsieur & much much more exploring. All the days were obviously written up >> here << but it is one of the best memories of the year.

As a family we also went to our first circus which came locally. I was expecting the big who ya of animals doing tricks and fire everywhere like they show it in the movies but sadly it was not quite the same. The experience was still great as they made it The Greatest Showman themed but it was mainly human acts which was cool.


May —–

I feel like im just giving links to previous posts I have done throughout the year but not much has happened !!But in May we had two posts written – one about a Food and Drink Festival down the road from me which Mum and I realised that your need cash to pay for prosecco, chips, churros and hotdogs and not just your card. And another post was about our Weston daytrip which was just a nice little weekend doing something as I had the weekend off work 🙂


June —–

Continuing onto my travels, the next interesting part of my year was our first girls holiday to Zante!! So many funny memories and moments from that holiday even though we can laugh about some of them now and learn our mistakes for next time. Going out every night wasn’t really worth it in the end as I think we became very delusional and sleep deprived laughing over something stupid as buying the wrong crisps and me showing my ass to the girls. Lets not forget the massive rainstorm that transformed the streets into  a giant river and we still managed to go out in it. A little post is >> here << about the time away.

Not exciting but it is, I cut my hair short !! Ive wanted to do it for a while but I just got reminded about my child pictures when I had an awful bob n fringe but nevertheless I go it cut short and have love it ever since.


July —–

It was my Mum and Dads 25th Wedding anniversary and even though we didn’t do anything major to celebrate it, it was still a big milestone to hit with everyone coming round with flowers and presents.

It was also mums birthday and we went out for drinks locally and for an Indian, yuuuummm.


August —–

This month that we went to Majorca for a week after planning it for soooo long. We stayed in Santa Ponca and just chilled for the whole week while obviously drinking throughout the day and night. We walked round the capital, went on a boat trip and jumped into the sea, stayed at the beach and played a lot of card games that I didn’t get tired of doing unlike someone else… Apart from that I also did some outfit posts as well as some photos of the week.

Reading also happened this month.. well actually a week after we got back. I wanted to experience a festival this year but it was either no money or didn’t like a certain one from people so in the end we went for the Friday of Reading Festival which we regretted not coming for the weekend like I suggested. Ah welllll, maybe next year.


September —–

Like I said in March, Jason Derulo was moved to this month and we went back to Cardiff again but only this time with my Cousin. He was playing so many songs which was good but he cut the songs in half so you wouldn’t get to sing along to the whole song but ah well. Couple days later we also celebrated my cousins birthday by going for cocktails in town and also having a meal too so it tied in nicely.


October —–

In the end of October I got my first tattoo!! This is something that I have been wanting for ages now and I’m very precise and cautious of the designs I liked because it had to be perfect – I mean why wouldn’t it be if its on you forever !! So I got my Dad a voucher for Christmas for a tattoo and I said if he wasn’t going to use it by the expiry date then I would use it myself. We were going to get matching tattoos but in the end we didn’t. The experience for me wasn’t the best as, no disrespect to the artist I mean I love the tattoo so much, but he wasn’t understanding what I was wanting. I got the main part of what I wanted tattooed on and I couldn’t be happier with it even though I wanted to add extra bits to it and im so glad I didn’t !!

The next day, literally, Mum and I went and seen Enrique Iglesias in Birmingham and spent the weekend shopping too as you doooo. This was also the weekend that people went out for Halloween and as you guessed it, I didn’t do anything. Surprise surprise.


November —–

November means birthday month !!!It didn’t even feel like November so I wasn’t as excited as I normally am but I still enjoyed my birthday. Another post came for my birthday as well. I went to bath for the night and went down town on my actual birthday and had too many prosecco’s cutting my night shorter than expected. that’s what birthdays are about right? Drinking too much prosecco..

Brighton. So I went down for the weekend to visit a friend at Uni which I also wrote about >> here << and we spent basically the whole weekend eating anything from chocolate to Chinese. We went on the i360, rode bikes and went shopping around the lanes which was cool.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

December —–

December now and even though it is the last month of the year there was still some exciting things that happened. On the 6th we flew to Edinburgh to spend the weekend away somewhere also near Christmas time too. Edinburgh was so cute and deffo worth a visit again.

Finally Christmas!! I don’t know about anyone else but I feel like it hasn’t felt like
Christmas at all this year!! The day came and it just felt like any other day except your opening presents, eating lots of food and drinking more. I do love Christmas but I wish I felt more festive this year 😦

New Year. The thought of going down town didn’t appeal to me at all but we went anyway. Again, it felt like another night down town but everyone was just kissing each other! Most of the people in the club left around 1 ish and we left around 2 anyway for a cheap lift home.





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