What I Got For Christmas!

Christmas felt like it came round so quick – well, the whole year felt like it went quick tbh. I might be a week late but its never too late for a ‘what I got for Christmas post’. Who would really wanna post during the Christmas period when you can just eat and enjoy the festive period with the people around you. So lets get started…

The Sims


I…got…the Sims! This was just a little idea on my Christmas list but it came true anyway. I also got the Cats and Dogs expansion pack and so far I have spent nearly 12 hours on there. 12 hours doesn’t sound like much but I am trying to avoid it surprisingly as I’ve been going on there in long hours and staying up late just tying to build a house! Either way I love it.

A Coat/Jacket

These teddy bear coats that have been floating around Instagram and they look snuggly and so warm and I’ve had my eyes on a couple of them at New Look. Mum decided to get me one from Zara and it is a lovely choclatly colour and long so it just comes to my knees as I have also wanted another coat like that too! It might not be REALLY warm but its still a nice coat to chuck on when your just wearing a top and need a bit of extra warmth.

A Bag


I usually carry little bags with me from going shopping to going down town clubbing, so I thought when im on those days out such as shopping it might be better for me to have a bigger bag and also widen my collection of bags in general. Mum got me this pretty small ish bag in the shape of a circle and in her words ‘its something different’. And yes it is. It is a small bag but can fit most things you need in a bag such as your purse, phone and bit of makeup but I just love the shape of it because it does stand out more than the generic shape.

Coat –

Bag –



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