November Monthly Favourites

Ok so this is more of a couple months rolled into one because these faves have stuck with me and continued to be my faves ever since late August I think and here it goes…

Beauty –

So I bought this foundation in April and it was completely the wrong colour on me BUT I started using it to carve out my eyebrows and then as an eyeshadow base and ive fallen in love with using it because it is so pigmented and smooth! I’ve been using the Revolution Foundation Stick and recently started using it to brighten up my under eyes when doing foundation. Speaking of foundation, I have been absolutely loving the L’oreal Infalible Stick in 120. I feel like it gives the best coverage and makes your skin look amazing. Even when the stick has hit pan, I still find a way to get a tiny brush and scoop some out to put a light base all over to even out my skint tone.



Fashion –

In spite of throwing 3/4 of my wardrobe away because I don’t wear hardly anything from it, I’ve been loving certain looks recently from many bloggers on Instagram with the same style. One of my fave looks and new obsessions are coats and how different ones look better with either trainers or heels – as stupid as that sounds! By having a simple outfit on such as jeans and a top and chucking a pair of heels looks good but when you wear a long coat over your shoulders, I think looks very stylish! Also ‘dressing down’ the outfit with the long coat with jeans and trainers looks so much cuter and comfy but also looks like you’ve made the effort too!

Random –

Ok so I started doing this and planning to do it mid September but I have already started the Christmas shopping and I know it feels like a curse word at the minute. But the way I look at it is that you can essentially buy your presents now, or at least the majority of them before the mad rush as soon as December starts, and you can still get two pay packets (for me anyway) before Xmas instead of being skint over the holiday period. It also means your not rushing around trying to find the perfect gift for people and you can actually enjoy the build up to the big day with people instead of panicking about what to get people.

Another random little thing is Jammie Dodgers. Since the last two months I have been almost craving them so much I would have to always have them in the house and when I’m out with people I would have to go and buy a packet and end up eating them all in one sitting. Guess it explains the periods aswell 🙂 And also the amount of apple juice I have been consuming lately is very bad but also so good at the same time.


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