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Brighton For The Weekend

Brighton is one of the places that I have always wanted to go & since one of my besties now lives there for Uni why not go down for the weekend and see all that it has to offer and see her…obviously.

Day One –

On the first day, after travelling 5 hours and going out in the evening the day before, we got up around 12 ish and headed towards the town and started off the day with a Nandos. We walked round the Lanes and the shopping centre too see if we could buy anything but we just ended up getting wet as we both didn’t bring a brollie.  We popped into Photomatic and took a couple photos in the booths before getting some food, buying some face masks and heading home to have a night in. After eating, we watched the catch up of Im a Celeb before watching the latest one in the evening. Nothing more was done or said about from going to bed.. oh and getting woken up at half 12 for a fire alarm #unilife.


Day Two –

The final day but also the second full day at Brighton started by going on the i360 at 11am. Luckily the weather was much better than the day before and we could look out and see everything from the high views. Was scary to look up but was pretty cool at the same time. Next we went on the pier for a little bit – spent all my money on the 2p machines once again before we walked along the seafront and decided to hire bikes and ride along to the other side of the beach to find the beach huts. When we arrived home we ordered a Chinese (lovellyyyy) and I started to pack and get ready for the evening. Finally to end the night, we went out for cocktails at Revolution as an end to the weekend.

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