How I Spent My 20th Birthday

My birthday fell on a weekend this year which means everyone was home & I had to get it off work as usual because I couldn’t have it as holiday love it xx. ANYWAY considering I didn’t have much planned or anything in mind to do I thought I would chill most of the Friday (my birthday was the Saturday) before going bowling with the girls mid afternoon. And obviously I didn’t win… I just got worse.

Within 10 minutes of arriving home, I quickly packed and we started making our way to Bath because we were staying the night and also having a meal just the two of us at The Ivy. As well as it tipping it down making it harder to walk places in heels and to also carry things to the hotel, we tried not to let it ruin the night ahead of us. As we entered the room, I was greeted to rose petals in the shape of a heart on the bed and also some flowers. Cutieeeee.

The evening. We arrived at The Ivy and I looked at the menu beforehand and I already knew what I was going to have and when it arrived it didn’t disappoint. Surprisingly I was full up and I didn’t even want any desert too! Afterwards we headed up the road and decided just to go for drinks and stay out a bit longer even though we both knew that Friday nights are one of the busiest.


In the morning we headed home and met my family for brunch which was cute. For the rest of the day I opened my presents, had an hour nap and started to get ready to head down town with my friends.

Everyone came round, we had a couple drinks before heading into town to drink some more before heading into Pryzm. I was enjoying the night as you would do and then I sat down… all the alcohol hit me like a tonne of bricks resulting me to leave a bit earlier than everyone else. I mean prosecco hits me quicker than vodka but obviously it wasn’t going to end well if you’ve had nearly 3 bottles of the stuff !! & that was my night.



On the Sunday to wrap up the birthday weekend, we went out for a carvery because who doesn’t love or crave a roast or good food after they have been drinking the previous night!? We came back, ate some cake and just snacked on crisps while watching Doctor Who later on. Sunday complete and sadly the end of the celebrations until next year. 🙂




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