Why I Can’t Wait For Winter

Winter is my fave season by far! Although I enjoy tanning and being on holiday, there is nothing better than feeling the cold wind and hearing the rain hitting the windows on the evening. Even though this year has flown by and it feels like winter shouldn’t be this round the corner but having that long as heat wave throughout the summer, I am so ready for it!

Lets start with the rainy days and nights. One of the reasons I cannot wait for winter is to be led in bed all day with your mates or boyfriend and watch shitty films all day and snuggle in the duvet with your joggers on. Plus, as it is coming towards winter, you start to watch films on an evening such as the Harry Potter series or Disney before getting into the festive ones. I could watch Elf & Arthur Christmas back to back all through December.


Reason two I love the winter is obviously the festive season and the build up for Christmas. There is nothing better than shopping for people around town and they have all the Christmas lights and stalls open from the markets. Even though most people are rushing around trying to get gifts, its still nice to go round shopping because its part of the spirit to watch people stress about presents and the lack of stock sometimes in a store. Obviously, the enjoyment of getting the tree too and decorating is one of my fave mornings out and days after because you start to get the house in the spirit too much to my dads disgust of it being a bit too early each year.


Finally, the fashion. Wearing big coats and the layers and layers and layers. It’s weird to talk about layering up when the sun is beaming on my back right now but even the idea of wearing a long sleeve top with a big coat with jeans and either some healed boots or trainers just gets me so excited. You can also wear your Christmas jumper all day air day throughout the whole two months and you wouldn’t get judged at all. Especially now that the dressing gown comes out more than it does throughout the year too.





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