The Blue Instax Camera

I have had my little Instax camera for a couple years now and I am still obsessed and in love with using it although she hasn’t really been used throughout the summer. It is just like having little disposable prints but for a slightly cheaper price still with the same hope that they turn out good. I’ve wanted to do a lil camera series with the collections I have got but I haven’t had the time to pick up the others so I thought I would dedicate the one I’ve used and loved the most first.

So I started to have a little collection with all the photos I had taken throughout the last few years so I thought I would organise them into a book which has already been full up so I need to order another one. Most of the photos taken were on any holidays that I have been on such as Paris, Menorca or even little snippets of my family & friends.

Taking simple photos such as the Christmas table or people opening presents is such a simple task that could be annoying but its ones that turn out the cutest and the ones that we would remember. It’s also nice to look back on and see how far you develop with taking them as I still remember having loads of white photos just cus the lighting wasn’t right!




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