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Zante 2018

Since its been over a month from our girls holiday to Zante so its only right to have a post about our first girls holiday. Although some of the pictures are either quite rank or the girls don’t want them shared with the public aha, theres nothing better than looking back on a few memories in a couple years time.

IMG_6663Sooo on the first night there we went to a paint party which was the highlight of the whole holiday!! Nothing better than having paint all in your new shorts and in your hair BUT to top it off, coming back and being sick all in the bath tub.

Also having to travel from one side of the island to the other on a pedlo because the sea dragged us out a lot more than we expected and having to return the pedlo within 10 minutes!! Needless to say we done it in 20 minutes but our legs were aching like a bitch cus obviously we were left with the dodgy pedals !!

Finally another highlight would be eating all the gyros with my new love tzatziki (!!) with bread and salad – yummmm. Although these are small highlights from the holiday, there are many more which I thought would of shared but I want somewhere else to put my holiday pics other than insta!





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