Food and Drink Festival

Looking back on the weather the last couple of weeks compared to the last two days of rain and dullness (which I don’t mind at all) really puts a damper on everyone’s mood – bring the sun back :((.

While it was still hot, last weekend we went to a local food & drink festival in the 20 something heat and of course I had the amazing idea to wear black jeans and a denim jacket. Despite all that, we still wandered round and had a couple drinks looking at all the good food and other drinks that they had available as well as live music. Considering also that we didn’t have any cash on us (again, another smart idea) we tried to find places that would take card or even give out testers!

So we tried some local ciders with different flavours as well as different types of vodkas. Passion fruit vodka mixed with a tango would go down nicely! There were lots of stalls of prosecco and of course we went and got a glass each mixed with again passion fruit, I think!? And, I couldn’t not have a pint of pimms mixed with prosecco again even though we were doing our shopping trip straight after haha! Its a shame we never got to eat any of the food such as the burgers or burritos but would still be a great day out if it happens to be about next year too!



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