The Day At Weston

Its not usual that I get a Saturday off in work but last Saturday I did and we decided to go out for the day and to Weston. Even though the weather was dull and cloudy, I hadn’t been to Weston in ages plus it was something different to do rather than go to town shopping or catching up on three weeks of Riverdale.

We started off by going to a place called ‘Sand Bay’ which was only a ten minute drive from Weston as we heard you could get panoramic views of the coast. We did but as the day wasn’t as good as we hoped, it was one of those places where we walked for 20 mins to the peninsula to look around, take a couple pics then say ‘ah…Lets go Weston now’. It would be the perfect spot for picnics in the summer though!

IMG_6291We had fish and chips for lunch (obvs) even though I was thinking about the warm donuts the whole time – yummmyyyy! And what better way to spend the day than by spending give or take £30 on the pier for the 2p machines… haha.. I could have spent more there… haha. At least we got 300 tickets for it which is the most I’ve got there or any pier.

Yes I do have a 2p machine gambling problem, lets move on.

Plus, I did get my donuts in the end hehe.

IMG_6322IMG_6299IMG_6318IMG_6304Finally, to end our day together, we stopped off at Cheddar before heading home where we tried Thatchers ice cream (yuck) and also a prosecco flavour (also yuck) before deciding on a mint ice cream cone. There we also bought proper west country cider like

…which also tasted rank.


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