My Everyday Makeup Bag

For the past week I have loved not wearing makeup and just to let my skin breaaaathee – although I have been ill so why wear makeup!? And I thought I would share my more less everyday makeup bag even though the bag itself is just small, basic and black.

Now I wouldn’t say I wear a lot of makeup as I wear basically the same makeup everyday for work or going out and the only real difference in the products and routine when going down town is just the timing or even amp up the products more. So..

The Face

IMG_6265The L’oreal Infallible Stick has been my favee for about 2 months now as its so easy and quick to apply. I bought the shade ‘120’ which is the second lightest, I think? BUT, when I personally apply it, it is orange but as soon as you blend it out it is fine. I then apply the L’Oréal True Match concealer in the shade ‘1R.C’ to brighten up my undereyes but I also use ‘2R.C’ if I want don’t want to have a bright under eye. To set I use Mac studio fix in NC15 all over the face. For bronzer I use the Hoola bronzer basically all over my face. I used to hate this bronzer at one point but since it was the only bronzer I had also at one point I started to use it and now back in love with it. For highlight, I use any sparkly eyeshadow for instance in the ABH Modern Renaissance palette I would use Primavera.

The Eyes

IMG_6268Since I lost my beloved eyebrow pencil in Paris I have resulted back to eyebrow powders which I hate!! But, I’ve started using the Naked 2 basics palette in the shade ‘Primal’ with an angled brush just to do them – they take twice as long to do but I also still can’t be bothered to go to boots and get the pencil I used before haha! Anyway, my fave palette even since the last beauty post is still the ABH Modern Renaissance. No more to say. For my eyelashes I use the Maybelline Lash sensational in brown as I think it looks so much better in brown than black for some reason. I don’t wear falsies as I can make my eyelashes long with any mascara so I’m sort of happy for that and not waste more money on more makeup.


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