Paris Diaries Pt.4

The last instalment to the Paris diaries where I wasn’t really gunna write this one and just connect it to the third one, BUT with all the photos i couldn’t not put them somewhere. Plus, its not like we didn’t do anything before going to the airport.

So, we dropped our bags off at the train station instead of carrying them round all afternoon as we had an evening flight and headed for breakfast just outside where we had our last crepes making it one of the final meals. As we also didn’t see or had time to visit the Louvre, we went there around 11am to avoid any queues.

IMG_5977IMG_6009IMG_6014While walking round the only thing we wanted to see was our good friend, Mona Lisa. After walking round the whole of the museum we found her and was surprised that she was only a small painting even though I thought she was in a guarded area of a room and slightly bigger but no. She was a tiny piece with loads of people barging through trying to get the ‘perfect shot’. In the end I gave up and just took the best one I could but it was still cool to see such a famous painting in front of you.

We then went on to find the tombs from the Egyptians which was weird to think that people were smaller and could fit in them and all the detailed patterns inside of them too even though they probably wouldn’t of been seen again after. Afterwards, we wondered round the rest of the museum and decided to leave after an hour and headed to get food.

As well as having our last meal on one of the hottest days (!!) we started to walk to the bottom of the Gardens and treat ourselves to an icecream AND it was shaped like a flower which I have been staring at the whole time we were there as they looked so cool!

IMG_6023IMG_6031IMG_6043IMG_6049Just by having those few days away from work and home made me, 1. obviously want to travel more and explore different parts of the world and pick my best areas and travel them more often and 2. its good to take time out of your life such as taking a few days off work or enjoy the weekends more (not for me as such as I work weekends lol 😦 ) and just chill and not be so demanding on some things to happen and just wait for the build up of something small like a couple nights away and enjoy that while you can until the next one happens.

Paris, you have been amazing. Let’s bring on the next adventure.


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