Paris Diaries Pt.3

Day three day three day three. Today was the day we visited Versailles to explore the Palace and have a look around the area. It was also one of the hottest days that we had there too so that made it more uncomfortable to walk around in dressed in black loll 🙂

So we got the train to Versailles and looked all around the Palace and the gardens. Now, I’m not one for looking round Palaces from previous Kings or Queens, even though it does seem weird that they were once living there, but it was cool and something different to explore because I probably wouldn’t see or visit it again. BUT, nevertheless it was cool to see how they laid out the bedrooms and preserved most things to how they would have looked back then.

IMG_5761IMG_5781IMG_5786IMG_5780Afterwards we headed back into Paris and started to head towards the Notre Dam Cathedral where we also saw a Bride & Groom having their wedding photos done which was v v cute. We took a couple snaps there and headed inside before walking along the riverside to get some other shots of the cathedral. There was loads of people out on the bank chilling, listening to music and drinking on the late afternoon even though it was still sunny at that time, so we were indecisive of getting drink then and sitting out or going out earlier in the night to catch the last bit of sun as this was also our final night in Paris.


So we headed back and started to get ready for the night where we planned to have a couple drinks and see the Eiffel Tower at night time as it sparkles!! We bought a bottle of wine at the supermarket which costs us three euros for a bottle – 3 euros!! We got slightly tipssyyyy when heading out and also had a little glass opposite the Eiffel Tower when we got there. Then, it was photoshoot galore when it was sparkling !! And what a better way to end the night by some crepes and live music with the Tower in the background.

Ideally, we wanted to go out clubbing or for a few more drinks but there was no where SCREAMING club areas and if we were to carry on drinking bottles of wine all night it would have cost us a lot of money even though we probably could have had one more bottle to share and be off our trollies loooolll !




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