Paris Diaries Pt.1

So Thursday I came back from a 4 night away trip to Paris with one of my besties! It was the first time I have explored Paris and I want to be back there already or at least book another holiday to make up for the sadness for being back at home. We landed around 8pm on the Sunday and just headed towards our Airbnb which was just across the road of Simplon Metro.

The first dayyyy. We got up early and started to find the main attractions and spots to see before we went up the Eiffel Tower which was pre booked for 1.30. We started by walking up the Gardens heading towards the Louvre and taking a few photos of it before looking at the queue and deciding to go on a different day! Afterwards, we did the longesssttt walk to the Eiffel Tower, also passing the love lock bridge, took a few photos and headed off towards the Arc de Triomphe as we were still early.

IMG_5394IMG_5409Eiffel Tower time. Bare in mind the size and height of the thing and the ABSOLUTE fear of falling at any point, you have to say you have been to the summit of it at least once in ya life. Scary lift but worth it. The views were insane as you can see the whole of Paris and how chill the city is. Also, the lack of skyscrapers make the city looks so better and easier to see more of the attractions.

After, we got some crepes – the first of many, and took more photos opposite the Eiffel Tower and let me say, to get on the side of the wall in some of the photos is harder than you think as if you do so happen to fall, it is a bigger drop than you think, haha! Anyway as long as the photo turned out great yeah!?

IMG_5441IMG_5471IMG_5477IMG_5501IMG_5507Aaanndd to end on the first day exploring we headed to Montmartre where we saw the Moulin Rouge sign and seen all the neon lights – not quite like Amsterdam with all the bright lights but still cute and still ‘advertising’ sex loooll. The pictures look better in the evening but it was still nice to see it in the daylight and the route to take as we also had our first meal back in Montmartre :))


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