Slimming World Food Ideas

Within the last post I explained that I have joined Slimming World and after a month of doing it I have decided to explain my weight loss journey and then show some food ideas which I have been doing. Most of these are ones I have done recently but there is more variety throughout the week not just these.


Usually these alternate every day with the occasional tweek here and there.


2 Weetabix (B box), Semi Skinned Milk 250ml (A Box)

breakfastBacon (free), Beans (free), Eggs (free), Crustless bread 3 slices (B Box)

Lunch / Tea

I have been having these almost every week whether it is for lunch or something I make to take to work.

img_4304.jpgBacon (free if fat removed), Potatoes (free), Chicken (free), Lettuce (free), Tomatoes (free), Cucumber (free), SW Sausage (free), Light mayo (2 syns)

img_4358.jpgChicken (free), Potatoes (free), Broccoli (free), Carrots (free), Instant Gravy (3)

IMG_4357Dried Pasta (free), Tuna in Water Drained (free), Light Mayo (3)

Desert / Treats

Mainly containing chocolate but who cares !?

IMG_4398Ice Cream (3), Fibre One 90 Calorie Chocolate Fudge Brownie (4)

IMG_4401Strawberries (free), Dairy Milk 10 Chunks (15) – yes it does look a bit like shite..



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