Slimming World – One Month On

Since December I have seen loads of people on my Instagram doing Slimming World and I really took an interest in all the food they were eating and thought ‘How could you possibly lose weight when you  eat food like that?’. I mean, there were people having massive plates of a cooked breakfast almost everyday?? BUT, since looking (I mean, stalking) these people on insta and how much weight they have lost in such a small amount of time, I thought I should give it a go within the new year. I wouldn’t call myself one of the ‘biggest people’ but I have gained at least a stone or two since leaving school purely for the fact I’m not doing as much exercise as I was doing then, such as walking to school. Personally, I also don’t think that having a boyfriend has benefited my weight as you just pig out and get takeaways together and one snack turns into five  looooll.

How well have I done in a month?

I have lost a total of 8.5 lb !! That’s half a stone in one month and if I continue to do what I have been doing then I should be able to hit my target within the next two months !! Woo

What have I changed in my diet?

Even my mum said the one thing I would struggle with is my milk. I LOVE milk so much like I would have a massive bowl of cereal in the morning and maybe one hot drink throughout the day. So, when you equate that into the allowance you are given every day, you think ‘Well cant I just have my normal amount of cereal and milk and use my A box for that?’. You have to measure the milk every day (or alternatively you can have cheese) and by having a set amount of milk a day has really changed my diet as I wouldn’t be blind measuring like I would have done last year. It also makes me realise I cant just down my allowance in milk 😦 and I have to almost force myself to have coffee almost every day which I was never really fussed about having.

Another change is the amount of fruit and vegetables I have been eating. Learning now, I can tell the only reason you loose weight on these diets is the fruit and veg as I think they trick you into having more quantities of these ‘good foods’ as they should be at least half of your plate portion already. Yes, you can fill yourself up with loads of ‘free foods’ which I have been doing but one major adjustment is having more of the greens as they bulk up the meal. Plus, it also changes up your meals within the week instead of just having the Sunday roast once a week if that. By having meals such as salads makes me bulk up those greens as they are classed as speed food too (to help you lose weight faster) which I have been trying to have at least one bit a day.

How have I managed my syn allowance?

Every female has between 5-15 syns a day (men can have up to 25) and I can say 4/7 days a week will I actually hit the 15 target bang on. Most of my syns consist of ketchup and mayo for salads and chips as they are always 1-2 syns for a tablespoon. They also do ‘healthier’ chocolate bars at the group which are 3 syns (or your HeB if you haven’t had your b box already that day). Although I have only had one packet of crisps within the month they are only 3-5 syns a packet as well as having a Nandos which is actually quite healthy when you think about it! – just note the syns for the spicy rice and your required sauce which you prefer.

My goals with losing weight

As I have lost half a stone, I have worked out that if I lose the same amount each week like I have been doing then I can reach a two stone loss around April. My plan is to lose it before summer if I continue the way I do. After I have reached my goal or just when I feel a comfortable weight I have said I would stop going and weighing myself as even after a month I know how to manage my food and what to have and what not to have. I know if I have a slip up one day such as going down town drinking or even having a takeaway one night a week, I can be back on plan the next day. I would know to make my own meals by using fresher ingredients instead of buying packets and frozen meals and  to meal prep for the week and incorporate more fruit and veg into my diet instead of snacking on crisps and chocolate. With eating out, I would try and make sure I can be as healthy as possible but even the odd burger might slip in time to time but that okkkk.

As this is only my first month I don’t wanna say stick to my plan and routine because everyone will lose weight differently as well as the plans that you make regarding the syn allowance and weekly shop. Plus, everyone loses weight differently whether you shove your face with free foods everyday or even if its just the little bit of food and major exercise. (I also have started to get back into my Zumba and have been doing that once a week but I am looking for a second class when I am not working).

I will also give a little food diary in the next post to give anyone a guideline of what I have been eating and how I have been managing the food. :))



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